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NEW! Bid LIVE through our website and enjoy the same buyer’s premium as in-house bidding.

1. Login

Log in to your Apple Tree Auction Center account or create your account by clicking the link below.

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2. Register

Register for an upcoming auction of interest.

This quick process will need to be done for each auction.

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3. Place Bids

You can submit your bids online once you have been approved.

Please note that approved bidders have a starting limit of $1,000. Contact us to raise your limit.

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4. Join our LIVE Auction

Join our live auction by clicking Bid Now at the top of our page.

Absentee bidding shuts off two hours prior to the start of the session. At that point, you will need to bid live through our website or app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I leave a bid?

When you click into an auction you will see available lots and current bid prices. Click on item on which you wish to bid. You are able to leave absentee bids until two hours prior to the start of the auction. After that, you will need to bid live. Bidding is a binding contract.

Can I see what the current bid is?

Upon selecting an item, you will be directed to the bidding page showing what the current bid is.

What do I need to register?

1. A valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) is required to register for online auctions.

2. Contact information (phone, email, shipping address and billing address).

Can I place an absentee bid while the auction is taking place?

You can leave ‘absentee’ bids until two hours prior to the auction, After that, you will be required to bid live online during our event! Please note that absentee bids are not started at the max bid unless there is another absentee bid pushing your bid to the max.

How do I know my bid was accepted?

Once you leave a bid you will receive an email confirming your bid. Make sure you check your spam folder. Sometimes our emails get mistaken for spam.

What if I have questions about the condition of a lot?

You are able to submit condition questions by clicking on the lot you are interested in. Then you will click on “Request more information”.

We endeavor to describe all items to the best of our ability- however THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY. All items are SOLD AS IS. Personal inspection is recommended and welcomed during preview and any time before item is sold. The omission of a condition report in no way indicates the item is without flaws, damage, and age wear. Specific condition questions are welcomed at least 24 hours prior to the start of the auction. Each item”s description is independent and should not be used as a precedent to judge other items. If you cannot ascertain the information to bid with certainty, please do not bid. Jewelry and precious metals are not automatically tested. This includes items that are stamped and hallmarked. Some items have been scanned in the Niton DXL. The readings have been noted, but this IS NOT A GUARANTEE. Personal inspection is always the best way for an individual to make the most informed bidding decisions. Precious stones are not tested or removed from mountings to determine carat. Appraisals are attached for some items. THIS IS ALSO IN NO WAY A GUARANTEE. An appraisal is based on one professional”s opinion. WE SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL EXPRESSED AND OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY WITH REGARD TO ANY SALE MADE THROUGH APPLE TREE AUCTION CENTER. By bidding on the item you agree to any and all of these terms. We have many satisfied, repeat customers and look forward to the opportunity to count you as one. We hope you will consider previewing and attending one of our auctions in person.

How do I know if I won my lots?

If you win the auction, you will receive an automated email to inform you that you have won. If you are sent an automated email and you have entered your credit card number during the registration process, your credit card will be processed.

How do I get my items?

You are always welcome to pick up your items in person from our gallery. Hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. If you require assistance loading please call ahead.

If you want your items shipped you will need to contact Apple Tree Auction Center, and provide us with shipping payment and address. We are not provided with the credit card information you used to register with.

Do you still have questions about How to Bid?

Please get in touch if you do.

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